About Tax-Deduction-Tips.com

Hello, I’m John Stephens from tax-deduction-tips.com. I hope you are here to hunt up a thing or two you can use to reduce your tax burden. That’s exactly why we’re here.

Though we provide a number of ideas, this site is not a complete tax resource. We’ll sometimes direct you to a specific page or pub over at the IRS website to expand or clarify. If you read the general overview on one of the tips here, if you want to take advantage of it, please go on over to the referenced pub at the IRS site and you’ll probably find a much longer and more thorough treatment.

Now I know there are a number of you people out there who are a little more militant in your beliefs about taxes and the IRS. Well, that’s fine for you but that’s not what we are here at tax-deduction-tips.com. We wish everybody the best but here at tax-deduction-tips.com it’s about working within the IRS rules to the maximum extent possible to save money on your taxes. We don’t want anybody to disregard the IRS system and hope for the best. In fact, history has shown that strategy will fail. The IRS will surely catch you eventually and they might even try to send you to jail.

We suggest that you play by the rules. Just make sure you use every rule you can in your favor.

I should also say that those of you in complicated tax situations should go ahead and use a professional accountant or tax preparer. But I think a lot of folks go get a professional even though they do not have a complicated tax return. They go just because they are frightened of the IRS. To those of you I say, take heart! Have courage. If you’re just an EZ filer, or even if you are an itemizer, unless you have a complicated situation that you cannot understand how to handle, you are wasting your money to hire a guy for four hundred bucks to spend three hours doing what you could have done yourself. Now I realize this advice goes against what you will read on every other tax website on the internet.

Here’s the secret why: The people on those sites are accountants or others who prepare taxes for a fee and want you to come to them and pay them four hundred bucks. That is their whole mission in life. That’s why they are advising you to come hire them just because you’ve get a few things to itemize on your 1040. They make $400 on the deal. So take a careful look at your situation before being frightened into paying an accountant a bunch of money to do something you could have done your-own-self. It may take you a half a day or maybe a full day or two.

Anyways, please browse around the site here, you’re bound to find an idea or two that will save you some cash when April 15 rolls around.